Amire, will he notice?

Amire, will he notice?

How do you explain to your husband that you actually admire him?  We have been married for 25 years and have known each other since 1987.  He was always a Cubs fans and a Bears fan while enjoying driving around in a convertible.  That was true when I met him and that still applies.  He claims he is a straight forward guy, yet I have never met a more complicated person.  As I bound from project to project, life objective to life objective on a weekly basis.  He is still who he was.  He did not hesitate when he learned my life needed to include goats, chickens, dogs, cats and a barn.  We have traveled to dog shows, goat shows, sheep shows and sale, barn sales, tractor shows and have plans to go to a chicken show.


He has been a bit more cautious as I explain my need to own Clydesdale horses and Dexter cattle.  Our fencing is a bit puny and the barn is set up for smaller livestock.  So, for now I travel to a local jersey farm to buy fresh grocery items and dream of staring into the eyes of our first bovine.   I admire he can buy an old car and have fun driving in a 1951 Rambler or 1964 Ford Falcon.  He can arrive at a destination when I snuggle at home with yet another tummy ailment.  He served our country for 20 years in the Army national guard and can exist in my writer’s cove of stacked papers, books and post it note decor.  That is a sign that he is a patient guide who can always state how cute I am on my toughest of days.  He is a trooper.olf folks


…. Featured Shelby County Farm …. FreshStart Farm All Jersey Dairy and Creamery

This is the photo featured on their website.   Click here to go directly for shopping onlineFresh Start Farm

Google Maps directions to the farm

This jersey dairy farm has been on my list of places to visit for several months.  Sarah and I meant to visit yesterday.  We did not plan ahead and left home without the address or directions.  We were in Jackson Center yesterday for the Airstream tour and then we came back home.

Amy and I ventured out today after my dentist appointment.  Since my phone is not working, I went off the information I remembered.  Although, my brain placed the location on Route 65 north of Jackson Center, we left the county without seeing the farm.  Confidently *, we turned around and went back to the gas station in Jackson Center.  One of the clerks used her phone while taking care of paying customers and got the navigation information for us.  This is why we love small towns.  Even though she had never heard of the farm, she got us headed on Pasco Montra Rd.  As soon, as she said the name of the road, light bulbs seemed to flash above my head.    That was the correct road and we still had 30 minutes left while their store was open.

As we pulled onto their driveway, we could tell we were at the right place.  The cows were grazing in the front pasture as we arrived.  Two farm dogs greeted us as we pulled up to the store.  The store is a wide aisle with dry goods to the left and a cooler to the right.  We were so tickled with the setting that the samples of chocolate milk and the sample of cookies and creme milk seemed like the best flavors ever.

Today, we bought brown eggs, a quart of vanilla yogurt, a glass bottle of whole milk (cream is rising to the top), garlic cheese curds, strawberry jelly and honey. We paid $2 for the bottle deposit and $26.50 for the farm fresh products.  We have made cheese at home after milking either cows or goats, depending on the story we are referencing.  The price we paid for the dairy productsthat were prepared in the room next to the store was reasonable and we are excited.  Amy had jelly on toast the moment we came home.  I had yogurt with added mangoes followed by the Tuscan roasted garlic cheese curds on Kroger brand round crackers.  We will be shopping at the FreshStart Farm as often as possible.  thumbs up

Is anybody up for a road trip to the store with us? 

* Confidently sounds good in the story, but to be honest I was babbling on about how Sarah would pick on me about not finding the place without the directions.  Amy just patiently sat in the passenger seat while I switched from making plans to interview the farm owners to being panic-stricken while driving without having an accurate destination.  By the time we arrived at the store, I chose to calmly shop and pay without requesting any interview.  Today’s accomplishment involved arriving at the store while it was open and successfully making a purchase. Mission accomplished.



What inspires me to be a blogger


What inspires me as a blogger: Blogging, really? That was as much a goal as being a home school Mom was back when the kids were in public school. Well, the school was not a great fit for our family. So, we dove into the home school adventure. That turned out to be a great journey, even though it was not my first plan. We took these first baby steps back in the day when online chat rooms were a new option for connecting with other at-home in-town pioneers. Sitting at home while they did their math problems or struggled through their history lesson and connecting with other Moms around the world was faster than having old fashion pen pals. We would challenge each other. Go sweep one room, put away the dishes and come back. We would type brb (be right back) and dash through chores as quickly as possible and get back into the conversation. The inspirations and encouragement from people pushed the boundaries of possibilities to the point of moving across the state and buying a rural property and barn.

Our homesteader’s learning curve has expanded beyond description. Now that the kids are done with school and our first grandchild is arriving soon, it is time for a new outlet for the words that jumble up at the end of my fingers. These words have to go somewhere and the blogging option may not be as scary as I first imagined. Let’s see where we go from here.

Cherry on top: can a herd of bison be considered a cherry?


Blue Bell Barn If you are cinnamon, you are new.

Starting the blog, I chose this picture of bison in Wisconsin.  A friend mentioned that bison will be involved with her trip today.  Another friend posted a video about bison walking by today.  So, could a herd of bison be considered a cherry?  They are certainly a common thread today.  In our tapestry of life when we find common threads, we find comfort.  Even if the three bison sighting are not an a-ha moment for the day, they are on several people’s minds today.  We do not see many bison in Ohio, so we could spend time pondering the intersection of bison moments today.  Or, we could forget about the big furry guys and head to the local ice cream shop and request our favorite dish with, of course, a cherry on top.  Then, we wait to see what adventures tomorrow brings.

pingback for the daily postHey, is that car in cherry condition?

As I am compelled to sit at my desk with the common urge to write there is no agenda, no plan and no vision in mind. By the end of the evening I set up a wordpress location, posted a picture and did research on Harriet Beecher Stowe. During the week I have unfollowed respected local leaders, been told by a Jehovah’s Witness frequest flyer visitor that I am committing blasphemy and have prayed for dozens of families in our community. This is going to be an interesting journey. Not sure if there is a connection yet, since I have not purchased a Bluehost web host package. New goal, get 300,000 visitors here each month. I am thinking I will interview local celebrities and interesting people. Carla Emery inspired me and she started writing when I started kindergarten. I finally have a garden thanks to my industrious family, so the tomatoes may make an appearance here before I travel to Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Underground Railroad Museum in Cincinnati.

What to stare at while attempting to start


You get ready to say good-bye as family members drive away to start a missions project and realize your favorite hat will also be leaving.  Do you start to fuss and ruin their moment?  Do you worry the whole time or just hope the hat returns with everyone in the same condition as the moment you took the picture?  Everyone and the hat came back safely after they completed a ramp for a sweet lady near Jackson, Ohio during their Labor of Love trip.

First blog post

Sarah said to get started.  She is the international traveler, so she knows a thing or two.


Hoping to uncover some links to Harriet Beecher Stowe for the family.

Hoping to share gardening success and flops.  Summer is dry, so expectations are low.

Hoping to get a fire started and control the heat also.


Am hoping to start a new post.

Day one, bison sighting from last year and it is time to go to the barn.


Blue Bell Barn If you are cinnamon, you are new.