…. Featured Shelby County Farm …. FreshStart Farm All Jersey Dairy and Creamery

This is the photo featured on their website.   Click here to go directly for shopping onlineFresh Start Farm

Google Maps directions to the farm

This jersey dairy farm has been on my list of places to visit for several months.  Sarah and I meant to visit yesterday.  We did not plan ahead and left home without the address or directions.  We were in Jackson Center yesterday for the Airstream tour and then we came back home.

Amy and I ventured out today after my dentist appointment.  Since my phone is not working, I went off the information I remembered.  Although, my brain placed the location on Route 65 north of Jackson Center, we left the county without seeing the farm.  Confidently *, we turned around and went back to the gas station in Jackson Center.  One of the clerks used her phone while taking care of paying customers and got the navigation information for us.  This is why we love small towns.  Even though she had never heard of the farm, she got us headed on Pasco Montra Rd.  As soon, as she said the name of the road, light bulbs seemed to flash above my head.    That was the correct road and we still had 30 minutes left while their store was open.

As we pulled onto their driveway, we could tell we were at the right place.  The cows were grazing in the front pasture as we arrived.  Two farm dogs greeted us as we pulled up to the store.  The store is a wide aisle with dry goods to the left and a cooler to the right.  We were so tickled with the setting that the samples of chocolate milk and the sample of cookies and creme milk seemed like the best flavors ever.

Today, we bought brown eggs, a quart of vanilla yogurt, a glass bottle of whole milk (cream is rising to the top), garlic cheese curds, strawberry jelly and honey. We paid $2 for the bottle deposit and $26.50 for the farm fresh products.  We have made cheese at home after milking either cows or goats, depending on the story we are referencing.  The price we paid for the dairy productsthat were prepared in the room next to the store was reasonable and we are excited.  Amy had jelly on toast the moment we came home.  I had yogurt with added mangoes followed by the Tuscan roasted garlic cheese curds on Kroger brand round crackers.  We will be shopping at the FreshStart Farm as often as possible.  thumbs up

Is anybody up for a road trip to the store with us? 

* Confidently sounds good in the story, but to be honest I was babbling on about how Sarah would pick on me about not finding the place without the directions.  Amy just patiently sat in the passenger seat while I switched from making plans to interview the farm owners to being panic-stricken while driving without having an accurate destination.  By the time we arrived at the store, I chose to calmly shop and pay without requesting any interview.  Today’s accomplishment involved arriving at the store while it was open and successfully making a purchase. Mission accomplished.




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