What inspires me to be a blogger


What inspires me as a blogger: Blogging, really? That was as much a goal as being a home school Mom was back when the kids were in public school. Well, the school was not a great fit for our family. So, we dove into the home school adventure. That turned out to be a great journey, even though it was not my first plan. We took these first baby steps back in the day when online chat rooms were a new option for connecting with other at-home in-town pioneers. Sitting at home while they did their math problems or struggled through their history lesson and connecting with other Moms around the world was faster than having old fashion pen pals. We would challenge each other. Go sweep one room, put away the dishes and come back. We would type brb (be right back) and dash through chores as quickly as possible and get back into the conversation. The inspirations and encouragement from people pushed the boundaries of possibilities to the point of moving across the state and buying a rural property and barn.

Our homesteader’s learning curve has expanded beyond description. Now that the kids are done with school and our first grandchild is arriving soon, it is time for a new outlet for the words that jumble up at the end of my fingers. These words have to go somewhere and the blogging option may not be as scary as I first imagined. Let’s see where we go from here.


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