Amire, will he notice?

Amire, will he notice?

How do you explain to your husband that you actually admire him?  We have been married for 25 years and have known each other since 1987.  He was always a Cubs fans and a Bears fan while enjoying driving around in a convertible.  That was true when I met him and that still applies.  He claims he is a straight forward guy, yet I have never met a more complicated person.  As I bound from project to project, life objective to life objective on a weekly basis.  He is still who he was.  He did not hesitate when he learned my life needed to include goats, chickens, dogs, cats and a barn.  We have traveled to dog shows, goat shows, sheep shows and sale, barn sales, tractor shows and have plans to go to a chicken show.


He has been a bit more cautious as I explain my need to own Clydesdale horses and Dexter cattle.  Our fencing is a bit puny and the barn is set up for smaller livestock.  So, for now I travel to a local jersey farm to buy fresh grocery items and dream of staring into the eyes of our first bovine.   I admire he can buy an old car and have fun driving in a 1951 Rambler or 1964 Ford Falcon.  He can arrive at a destination when I snuggle at home with yet another tummy ailment.  He served our country for 20 years in the Army national guard and can exist in my writer’s cove of stacked papers, books and post it note decor.  That is a sign that he is a patient guide who can always state how cute I am on my toughest of days.  He is a trooper.olf folks


One thought on “Amire, will he notice?

  1. You are very kind. Words never come easy for me. I am not well written like you. Though I have never considered myself short. I look forward to reading your writing maybe I can try too.


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