Today’s word prompt is apologize.  I have spent so much of my life apologizing.  A person from Canada was in the store the other day.  He apologized just because he is from Canada.  He had not done anything worthy of extending an apology.  Canadians cannot help it.  They just start offering the phrases left and right.  Whether it seems like an addiction to the need to apologize or an ingrained habit worn into the fabric of their society, they just keep apologizing.

Accept what we have to offer instead of seeking ways to gravel below the level of the current conversation.  Some conversations slow down and become stagnant due to the constant need to circle back around to offering an apology, acknowledging one and choosing to accept one.  You probably know a person who offers an apology in reference to the fact he already apologizes too much. So few conversations get a chance to be engaging these days, interruptions and “not having enough time” cut great moments of fellowship down to basic courtesies that we act like sound bites from famous conversations are equal to having an actual heart to heart discussion.jelly

Allowing a pause to rest lightly on the surface of the topic could allow a sense of belonging to sneak inside. This sense of belonging could rejuvenate our appetite for dwelling in community with other word mixers.  When did our time become so limited or valuable that it is not worth investing our time into hanging out with our buds?  We have the same amount of time in each day as the pioneers did.  We can choose to spend hours preparing a meal and we can choose to open a package to eat enough to feel full within minutes.  We can make any project so simple or so complex it can whiz by in a lightening fast moment or take generations to complete.  Is it that we have so many choices available that we are unable to focus on a style of getting things accomplished in a timely fashion in order to allow enough time to be available for others?  Thinking that being busy is enough can lead to isolation and missed times of community.

Seeking times to break bread together is so much better than catching up on the latest episode of Stinky Pete. Reach out to someone who has not chatted about current events.  Spend an afternoon puttering around with someone so that there is room during each hour to catch up on the current news. That way, there will not be a need to come up with an apology.  Enjoy the day. Enjoy the journey.




One thought on “Ten

  1. Being from Canada I had to smile at your post. I’m afraid we generally are ridiculously nice and do our best not to be offensive. Perhaps for some it just becomes a habit but I think generally it comes fro ma place of kindness. Wishing you a great day!

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