New Booktique in Town

store front

Amy and I stopped by the courthouse square for our local part of the national Night out.  Kids were splashing in water and talking to the firemen and walking up to us and hugging us as they were squealing in soaked to the bone happiness.  We talked with friends and caught up on personal achievements and started asking questions about a new store front.  Silver Linings is a Booktique in the Kah building near the Chase Bank building.  Writer’s magic and Ink Club community jumped into reality for us here in town.  The window arrangements tell a sweet story of rainy day adventures and new friends to be discovered in vintage books.

Colleen’s business is closed for the evening and has awakened my imagination to a new level of letting the ink meet the lines on the paper. Reading books, sorting books and sharing with others who love the written word even more than I could fathom will be possible.  Oh, let the games of writer’s delights begin.  Will we be able to meet authors here for book signings?  Will illustrators stop by to encourage budding talent to pursue their dreams also?  Will characters of these books stretch their legs in the comfortable surroundings within this portal?  Ah, the potential for adventures has been raised to heights beyond the currently visible rooftops.

Tomorrow will be the first time we walk into the actual store.  Reality will bring even more excitement to the playing field that is outlined by these bindings.  The bitter sweet realization that I have time to visit the store tomorrow and knowing I am not earning any book buying money tomorrow crashes my shopping potential into neutral.  Knowing that our grandson will soon arrive and will have an endless ocean of book titles available is beyond last week’s goals.  This is going to be a glorious trip.  We will enjoy the journey.



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