A moment at the intersection

The other day I applied for two jobs at Emerson Copeland.  I quickly received a rejection letter for the first position.  Then a request to set up an interview arrived in the next email.  Shock and surprise set aside, it got less exciting when the position she wants to interview me for is as a production team member.  Five days a week with mandatory overtime and Saturdays also.  My body likes to re-cooperate after standing and lifting.  I want to earn more money, so I set an interview for Monday.

I visited the Silver Linings Booktique downtown in Sidney and realize I already know the owner of the business, Colleen.  Paula Frew was visiting with another person in the store, so there was only one person I was not familiar with previously.  We all talked about random things, as my eyes darted around to all the beautiful woodwork and items for sale.  The mix of fresh artwork, old furniture pieces, jewelry, candles, books and display arrangements was so fresh and interesting that it was difficult to decide what to focus on next.  Over a year ago, Colleen and I drove to a store on Needmore Road to pick up bread for Agape Distribution Inc.  Today, we started right back up on the conversation we had that other day.  Amy started work this afternoon, so I headed out.

Jim and Sarah returned from a trip to Michigan and Sarah drove with me to drop Amy off at Freshway for work.  We drove straight to Silver Linings.  Colleen, Sarah and I chatted about every topic we could possible consider.  We watched part of the “Shop Around the Corner” movie with Jimmy Stewart that shows a shop just like the Silver Linings from 1940.  This was a new movie for me, so will be watching that one soon. Colleen suggested setting up a booth in her store and the idea seems better than working production for more than 40 hours each week.

The suggestion of setting up shop in Silver Linings seems so familiar, because that was my plan when we moved here thirteen years ago. Then the front door of her shop reminds me of the phrase that ends my emails and journal entries,  “Enjoy the journey” Is this a possibility?  That phrase has been part of my writing library longer than I have been a parent.  This journey has met me at an intersection.  Work within a 110,000 employee company or branch out beyond my comfort zone?


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