Daily Prompt: Craving

via Daily Prompt: Craving

The ingredients are waiting in the pantry.  I think about the date coconut combination of goodness.  The recipe is here somewhere, the pan is clean in the cupboard I think.  The recipe seemed simple enough when I read through it the other day.  Was that on facebook or pinterest?  I am craving the taste of the homemade bars, but the desire to eat them has not caused me to gather all the tools of the trade and get this project done.  How can a craving be so strong and yet not motivating enough to get the mixture together?  At work, I think about how great these are going to taste.  When I search through the fridge and pantry it occurs to me that they would taste so good, if only I had made them already.  Ah, this is so frustrating.  It is time to start over, locate the recipe, copy it down so notes can be taken such as salted deluxe mixed nuts instead of the raw cashews and almonds the recipe calls for. Set aside the time to make these and then enjoy them.  This can be a thing.  Success is an option.  Ah, wait, it is 3 A.M. and it is time for sleep.  Maybe tomorrow.  Oh, wait, work starts at noon, even if I fall asleep in five minutes there will not be time to prep the whole recipe.  Maybe Saturday, we will see.  I am craving those bars again.


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