A Moment to Reveal My Foundation, Did the Illustrator Paint These Just For Me?


We bought a lot of children’s books.  They are stacked all over the kitchen with most of them on the table.  I thumbed through the first box of books for a first wave of determining quality and potential vintage book store desirability.  This book jumped out at me as I skimmed through for torn pages, crayon or pencil marks.  Hello?  It was as if I was 4 years old without an understanding of any written words.  I vividly remember looking at each illustration as if this was my guidebook for life as a toddler. Did my Mom own an original copy of the 1956 printing?  The sweetness of each page awakened hopes and plans a tiny child had in the mid 1960’s.  The tears streamed down my cheeks as my husband asked me to please let him walk past me in our kitchen.

He wanted to move past all the books stacked on our table.  I wanted  to return to that freedom of being a toddler as the feelings began slipping away.  I realized that he could not squeeze past the chair, boxes and my arms locked in the position of holding this sweet book.  Ah, the air slowly leaked out of my lungs as I sighed and stepped away from that time portal with the pages of this cherished Little Golden Book.  Sixty years ago, what are the chances the illustrator is still alive to hear me describe the flicker of magic that occurred today?  Later today during lunch, I asked a friend who recognized the book if we could schedule a date to visit these books together to enjoy lingering in the moment again.  She has her own collection of books illustrated by Eloise Wilkin.

This journey is going to be more amazing than first expected.  What will tomorrow bring?  The drawings revealed some of the foundations of my faith.  Revisiting this book stirred seeds of faith that had been planted nearly fifty year ago. Oh, to be able to whisper in the ear of my little self to assure her.  Enjoy the painted scenes on these pages.  Enjoy moments more. clickback


One thought on “A Moment to Reveal My Foundation, Did the Illustrator Paint These Just For Me?

  1. Oh, how lovely. This gives me chills. I didn’t have that book as a child, but I do know the feeling of having a book that touched me as a child and finding it again and feeling it touch me anew many years ago. Books are magic! Enjoy your time with your friend re-living books from your past.

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