Are you chicken?


Are you chicken when it comes to new adventures?  When we moved here to Sidney we were going to open a bookstore downtown.  That was 2003.  We do not have a bookstore downtown yet.  How time has slipped by without getting established near the courthouse could take entire chapters to describe without many interesting stories to catch your attention.   It is time to face my fears and decide, am I too chicken to jump into a smaller version of our dream?  This may be the tomorrow I have been planning for since 1999.  There was once a song that has that line, “Dance like it is 1999”.  Even though it is currently 2016, it is time to dance.  The announcement will be posted after agreements are made, handshakes have been exchanged and papers get signed.

The picture is of a welsummer rooster and his hen.  These are some of my favorite chickens, since we have ten years of pleasant chicken memories and the sweet attitude of this breed.   We do not currently have chickens.  Something took all of them away.  One day we had two dozen chickens, and then we had five.  The next day we had two chickens and then we no longer had chickens.  Instead of replacing the birds that were mysteriously removed from our barn, we chose to return to our original goal of opening a bookstore.

Our options seemed to disappear each time we got a lead on a building.  Instead of taking that as a hint to not pursue this dream, we pursued other angles for getting started in business.  Dead end after dead end has left our business plans in cardboard boxes and in notebooks filled with what if plans. Our chickens were brave and were not able to protect themselves from a predator bend on their destruction.  Will we be protected as we venture out as pioneers into the business of matching customer needs with our inventory and services?  Will we just mysteriously disappear like our sweet and gentle chickens?  We will have to get started with the moments of tomorrow in order to test these waters.


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