No Joke – Believe Has Been Our Main Word This Year

Believe Paintings

No joke. This is another book that we  purchased last week.  When the cases of titles were stacked in the kitchen and in everyone’s way, I sorted one case at a time to find books of high enough quality for the Silver Linings Booktique in downtown Sidney.  As the case was approved from the initial sort I “randomly” set this book in a box closest to my nightstand.  Somehow I imagined having the books along the edge of our room might inspire dreams as we prepare for our new adventures.

My lights were turned out and it was time to roll over for the most comfortable sleeping position.  A glow caught my eye.  What was it?  Just a reflection from the street light sneaking through window blinds?  Not sure what the glowing bit was, I turned the light back on only to realize the title of this book glows in the dark.  I charged the front cover under the light bulb for a minute or two.  Then I set the book across the top of the box so the title glowed in the dark.  What an amazing way to fall asleep knowing our main word for this year was glowing right next to me.  I kept opening my eyes to see it boldly glowing with all of its encouragement.

I chuckled several times today thinking of how “Random” it was to have the glowing book set within my range of sight.  I am sure those are not chicken feathers in the wings in that painting.  How many sets of hands have handled this book before it came to rest next to me the night before I discussed plans to sell children’s used books and other merchandise at Silver Linings?

Today, I  met with Colleen and discuss where I fit in with her business plan.  How does my vision for business fit in with hers?  We talked today and she showed me around the building. We began to see parallels in our ideas that had us gasping, getting chills and forgetting to finish stories.  A couple of times we might have even finished each other’s sentences.  Contracts need to be drawn up, vendor agreements need to be arranged and schedules need to be penciled in our calendars.  Some of my space in the booktique will be in vignettes.  I hope this is how it is spelled, the word for the cabinet is too cool to misspell.



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