The new chapter has begun

Since September 1st is just around the corner, and contracts are being drawn up, it is time to make an announcement or two.  Silver Linings Booktique will have a new addition downtown in Sidney.  BlueBell Books will be presenting Squishable stuffed creatures and used children’s books.  The first glimpse is in the store now.  A rocking chair and dresser set are on display and the price is being considered this week.  The furniture arrived so fast there is not a picture yet.  I do have a picture of our grandson though.

Our grandson, Roman James, has arrived a bit earlier than expected and has had a bit of a rough start.  Fortunately, he is receiving wonderful medical care and plenty of snuggle time to let him know how excited we are that he is here now.  The silent keyboard is due to the trips to see him and working extra hours at the grocery store.

Check out Silver Linings Booktique on Facebook to see the new Swan Creek Candles and also vintage items for sale.  This is a special place and is a wonderful addition to our thriving downtown business community.  Stop by and check out the new uses of the old building.  Gift giving will be easier than ever with our ever changing selections of books, boutique jewelry and furniture.

sleepy time roman


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