Probably should be Offline, Quite a Storm

First day off work and at home in weeks.  As our grandson was born on the 11th and still in the hospital we have driven to see him several times already.  Worked six days in a row, so even though there is a thunder storm going on I feel like logging in some typing time.  My cover picture has a saying, “If you are cinnamon, you are new”.  The caption is over a herd of bison we visited before Sarah moved to China.  We travelled through Wisconsin for a family wedding and she insisted that we stop at the farm this time.  We got there just as the store was scheduled to close.  The owner was kind enough to stay open for us.  We purchased frozen meat, took pictures and talked for quite awhile about stuff.

When we went through the barn to the observation deck and looked at the herd, I got excited to see a cinnamon colored calf.  Sarah and the owner explained that for a short time they are cinnamon colored after they are born.  Since I am new to writing and learning how to navigate in the blog world, I think I am currently cinnamon also.  In the rush of getting Sarah shipped off to China, I had forgotten the name of the Bison ranch in Wisconsin.  After searching a bit online, I quickly found the name of the place.  It is called Silver Bison Ranch.  Now, on Friday, I will go downtown here in town to read through contracts to rent a space in the Silver Linings Booktique.  Interesting coincidence.

Life is getting interesting.  I wonder what Colleen will think of the name Silver Bison Ranch.  Have I even told her how comforting it was for us as we walk the halls of the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus and each leaf on the floor is outlined with a thick silver line.  The common silver thread is bringing more comfort while we venture into this journey one step and one book at a time.


Blue Bell Barn If you are cinnamon, you are new.


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