Obvious- Leaves Me Cringing


When the picture was taken the cat in the tree seemed obvious to me.  Now there does not seem to be an image of a cat.  When a conversation centers around a topic that everyone else considers to be obvious, I stare at the floor wondering what is being discussed.  When I start to giggle due to the obviously funny connection others stare at the floor wondering what I see as humorous.

How can my perspective be so far away from the next person’s?  When the dreaded words “drive that way, you can’t miss it” are spoken I wonder what the person sees that is not obvious enough to me.  Every time I attempt to follow directions like that, I miss it.  If you want me to get lost just throw the statement into the middle of the directions, “you can’t miss it”.  If you had a G.P.S. tracker on my vehicle, it could prove to be quite entertaining.  The number of times I drive around the block again or turn around again has probably worn out more than one set of tires.  I tend to wear down the outer edge of tires due to turning and turning and turning around.  Is it possible that I may settle into a routine of getting there correctly the first time?

One of my goals is to be included in the subject that seems so obvious to everyone else during the correct time span.  I tend to be the person who gets a joke after the common level of laughter dies down.  I kind of sigh and say, “Oh, now I get it.”  Maybe the “Obvious” reactor in my brain is just a bit slower than those located in the brain’s of the people who succeeded in advance placement classes back in high school.  When will my reactions be in sync with the rest of the conversation?  That is hard to say, since I am still mulling over conversations from three days ago.  Obvious


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