Contract is Signed, the first stuffies are on the shelf. Relax

No picture today, just a breath of relief.  The grandson is home from the hospital.  My Mother-in-law is expected to return to her care center on Monday, and that date keeps changing.  Colleen and I are setting our ground work for how I fit into her business floor plans.  Price tags need to be placed, the book case needs to be filled with the initial selection of books and inventory lists need to be turned in for updating.

How does this seem like kindergarten for me?  How can I contain my excitement? If you see me in town, I might be annoyingly excited.  Do I sharpen pencils for my first day?  Do I plan to sort books and adjust signs?  Can I be patient enough for this business to grow from the seeds of excitement toward a mellowing of generosity and promises fulfilled?  So many questions and so much potential for learning moments.

The transition from peeking through the window to setting out our first merchandise for sale has been a Dorothy in Oz whirlwind of all thing expected.  Remembering to breath deeply enough to function has been a struggle.  So, then how is it that as I drove away from signing the contract to rent a space in the booktique a man stopped me to ask if I help veterans.  Then he said he needed something for a child.  Then he said something about how the internet had done him wrong.  I decided to ask him where he came from.  He said Minnesota.  Really, how did he say the state I am from?  So, I asked him what city he is from and he replied Minneapolis.  That floored me, so I asked what county that is and he said Duval or something odd.  That he shook his head and said that was not right and said Hennepin.  I laughed at him and said that is wrong, based on the first county he told me, not on the second and correct answer.  How strange that he named the town next to where I grew up.  I did not have a sense of peace about his request and drove away.  How very odd though.  If it was a scene in a movie, I will be waking up to an altered reality and everyone else will be living a parallel life.  How very odd.


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