Expert – in Awe of the Night Sky


This was one of those hot days that led me to do the evening barn chores late.  When it is hot and muggy the goats do not eat much.  They instinctively know that high temperatures could bring on a sour stomach.  A goat is naturally a hundred degrees plus, when digestion begins their body temperature rises slightly.  To ensure they would get a good session of browsing outside their pen this evening I arrived after dark.  Sitting down in front of the barn on a clear night shows the most amazing light show in the sky.

Experts know what stars are in each constellation.  Experts know what heavenly bodies are stars, planets and whatnot.  It does not take an expert to enjoy the consistency of the night skies though. To provide that scene we recite all the time in verses from Psalm 23, I serenade the goats during their dinner. The verses that include ” You make me lie down in green pastures..” and also “you prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies” remind me to hum or sing lyrics from songs in calming tones.  While listening to the patterned sound of tearing grass, a slow steady tempo leads me to songs from long ago.  I sing to them after dark so they know I am there listening and prepared to chase off any uninvited intruders.  The darker it gets outside the closer they walk near me.  Especially when I stop singing.

They were glad the temperature had dropped below seventy five degrees and it was not raining.  When the stars distracted me to the point of  silence they headed back into the barn. The goats act so brave during the day and will walk far away from me.  After dark they proceed with more caution.  Trying to explain why having goats that no longer provide milk and do not provide income is not needed when an invited guest joins us for star gazing.

When it is time to tuck the goats, dog and cats in for the evening we spend time around the back of the barn and face the northern sky.  By that time the big dipper and Cassiopeia’s shapes nearly jump out like store signs.  We have learned enough to know that between these two constellations is the little dipper and the north star.  No matter how the night sky rotates the north star is relatively stationary.  My thought is there is an expert involved in placing that map in the sky.  That provides me with a large dose of comfort.  When it comes to big things in my life, I have decided to leave the details to the experts.  That seems to work out.




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