Humble Thy Self

Getting things rolling in the book store is stretching the boundaries of my personal comfort zone, and now I am beginning to get a new picture of how inexperienced I am.   The stuffed animals are so sweet and cuddly looking that the raw edges of my  are visible.  The elegance throughout the store is inspiring.  Each section carries a polished style rarely seen in a stately historic site downtown.

Just because it is a great adventure does not mean I am ready for business. Maybe posting a sign in my booth to state “under construction”  to apologize for the cluttered look would be adding to the chaos, so it is time to buckle down.  Just because getting started seems like a great idea, does not mean there is any congruence for the presentation.  Setting up an eye pleasing display is a gut wrenching experience and yet it leaves me very hopeful for what will be viewed as appealing.  Not there yet, a color scheme is not obvious.  The actual items are random and clunky feeling.  If only the center of the booth had an amazing furniture transition piece.



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